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Performance Reviews, 360 Degree Feedback, Goals and Objectives, Ongoing Feedback and 1:1 support.
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Help employees grow by way of 360 feedback
Performance reviews and 360 degree feedback software

360 Degree Feedback and performance appraisals online

Complicated 360 degree feedback processes are a huge pain point for many companies. Annual performance reviews don’t achieve their goals either.

Instead, focus on ongoing feedback, and only conduct lean performance reviews, and collect only 360 degree feedback that’s relevant for staff to grow.

Our software suite makes it super easy.

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Continuous Feedback

How to enable ongoing feedback? Our platform helps employees praising a coworker for a job well done. They may request feedback any time, from whoever they like, and they can pepare for Oneon-One meetings with Action Items and take notes afterwards too.

Small Improvements fuels your company’s ongoing feedback culture, and integrates with realtime tools such as Slack and Hipchat.

Recognition moduleRequest Feedback any time1:1 Meetings Software

Turning Feedback into Goals and Objectives

360 degree feedback is only the first step. Our web-based platform helps employees turn feedback into actionable long-term objectives.

Staff can easily enhance objectives with Key Results to make it clearer what outcomes are desired.

All objectives can be as private or public as the employee wants them to be, enabling peers to help achieving goals.

Objectives & Key Results

Objectives in the Objectives browser

Loved by 700+ companies worldwide

“It’s a really great tool because you have everything in one place. I kid you not, I thought it was the godsend answer.”

Tim Sae Koo


“Small Improvements immediately provided us with exactly what we were looking for – an intuitive and user friendly 360 tool.”

Sophie Gelsthorpe

Senior HR Manager

“It’s intuitive. It’s easy to use. We just gave people a quick guide and they were off.”

James Law

HR Director

Extremely versatile for Reviews, 360 Degree Feedback, and Objectives

Our Feedback Software Suite is highly configurable. As an admin you can adjust and combine building blocks to match your company’s needs, allowing for a smooth rollout and adoption.

Want 360s to be anonymous or transparent? Visible to employees or just the managers? Should managers nominate reviewers or the employee? Anything is possible.

Integrations at your fingertips

Powerful integration options

Our software suite can stand on its own, but it’s more fun to integrate! Objectives and Praise become more visible thanks to our Slack integration, the user experience benefits from single-sign-on, and it’s much easier to take notes when using our Gmail integration.

Learn more about integrations

Report on staff progress

While our feedback software makes is super easy to run the process, some employees will inevetibly run late.

Our progress report allows HR to spot those who are running late, and gives a simple way to nudge people to nominate reviewers, approve reviewers, or write the actual feedback.

And much more!

Company Directory

In addition to all our features, SI includes a free company directory as well as a browsable org chart. No need for a dedicated extra tool.


The user interface is in plain English, and all content, forms, mails and date formats can be adjusted to any language and region.

Secure by default

We’re in the Google Cloud, encrypt properly, and engage white-hat hackers to ensure we don’t miss anything. Learn more here.

No contract lock-in

We don’t believe in locking customers into long-term contracts. We like to earn our business every month – it keeps us on our toes and ensures you’re happy. Learn more about our pricing.

Up and running in minutes

The system is entirely self-service. How quickly you want to roll it out depends on your timeframe. Either way, our support and success teams have you covered.

Ethical company

Businesses do have an impact. What bank to use, what energy to consume, what work environment to provide. And whose money to turn down. Learn more.

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