10 Small Improvements

Don’t we all love major new features? Trouble is, it’s the small things that make the difference between good and great. And we didn’t choose our company name for no reason, we strongly believe in continuous improvement every day. Our Kaizen approach means we keep polishing features even if we shipped them months or years ago.

Usually these changes “just happen” and we don’t blog about them. But since there were quite a few visual changes in the past 4 weeks, here’s a quick summary of what the Department of Small Things has been up to:

Emoji support: It’s now possible to enter emoji icons either using the “Insert” menu, or simply by typing in a colon. The editor proposes 5 common emoji, but you can keep typing to explore!

Why emoji? They make it easier to convey  mood and meaning, and make it overall more engaging to view content too.  Actual conversation from our own SI account:

Screen Shot 2016-07-06 at 14.02.11.png

Simplified Dropdown-Menu Style: Dropdown-Menus used to look very similar to regular buttons and also to select-fields. We’ve changed Dropdown-Menus to a leaner “borderless” style, using a downward angle rather than a full triangle.

More compact review/360 overviews: We streamlined the search-field on the overview screen,  we combined the two notification menus for managers and reviewees into one, and there’s a new “muted warnings” bell icon instead of a full-width hint.

Combined with the new menus style the top-right corner looks much cleaner:

Screen Shot 2016-07-06 at 13.10.58.png

2D Performance Charts now linked directly from the review overview screen. Not all review cycles make use of the 2D chart, so we added a link to the 2D summary chart to the review overview. We’ll  drop the direct link from the sidebar navigation in a few weeks.

All card headers are now clickable. This means for instance that it’s easier to select a todo-item or a cycle from a list. The header goes blue when you hover, making it more obvious too:


Column swap in overview screens: The Performance Review and 360 Feedback overviews now display the reviewee first. It just feels more natural this way.

Inline preview added to 360 overview list: We’ve added a popup-preview to the 360 overview list, so that you don’t have to leave the overview anymore to take a glance at a someone’s 360 feedback:

Screen Shot 2016-07-06 at 13.21.44.png


Nicer overlay animations: Speaking of overlays, they now fade in rather than just popping up. It’s a small subtle change, and it happens so fast that you’ll only notice it on a faster computer, but it adds that little finesse that was missing before

Streamlined 360 Reviewer Approval: Approving reviewers used to be a bit clumsy, asking you “are you sure” first and then displaying a success message overlay. The overlay is now a more subtle confirmation-message that doesn’t require an extra click

Phasing out the “360-specific Todo List”: The Dashboard supports the nomination and approval of 360 reviewers, so the dedicated “360 Todo list” tab on “Your 360s” isn’t needed anymore. We default to the “Feedback about you” tab now, and will drop the 360-todo tab entirely in a few weeks.


So, in summary nothing earth-shattering has happened, but Small Improvements is a few percent more enjoyable now, and we aren’t stopping here either. Stay tuned!

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