Introducing the powerful new design editor

Features & Updates Linda Jonas

We have built a flexible and powerful design editor that lets you effortlessly transform SI into your own branded tool. A branded communication platform increases trust, engagement and collaboration. And as feedback is a personal matter, it makes total sense to have a performance management solution that people feel at ease and at home with.

There are 3 options for your convenience. 1. A basic design editor for quick adjustments. 2. An advanced option for further detail adjustments. 3. Total flexibility with CSS and LESS.

Screen Shot 2013-06-17 at 5.30.08 PM

1. The basic design editor for quick adjustments – suitable for most needs.

Without any IT background or wanting to spend much time on details, the basic option is ideal for you. You can upload and position your logo, adjust the header hight and width as well as choose your colour scheme. Done! The handy real time preview let’s you explore the results instantly before committing.

2. The powerful advanced option for further adjustments.

Beyond the overall colour scheme and logo positioning, in some cases you might want to fine tune further. Still no need to be tech savvy but a keen eye for design helps. The advanced options allow you to adjust specific parts of the tool including menus, content, buttons and even shadows and borders! Pick a font (Comic Sans is disabled for a reason) to round off your creation and enjoy the truly unique design experience with your company.

Screen Shot 2013-06-23 at 5.20.46 PM

3. Custom design with CSS and LESS – Total flexibility.

If you know CSS and LESS or have someone in your team that does, feel free to go nuts 🙂 Insert background images, change opacity of features and much more. The possibilities are endless!


The design editor is accessible via the Administration Overview for our free for up to 10 users and Gold plan customers. If you don’t have an account yet, start a free trial now and enjoy designing your very own Small Improvements tool! We are looking forward to your feedback and would love to see screenshots of your creations.

For more details on how the design editor works, check out this video: