We’re phasing out support for Internet Explorer 8

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We’ll be phasing out support for Internet Explorer 8 over the next couple of months, so here’s what you need to know:

IE8 got released in March 2009. By Internet standards that’s very old. It was the first decent browser by Microsoft in a long time, but even back then it was not a great browser. And compared to today’s versions of Chrome, Firefox and even IE 10 it’s slow, and it’s a pain to develop software for it. This frequently slows us down at Small Improvements. The tools we use to build SI are dropping IE8 support, making it even harder to continue supporting it.

So starting in January, we’ll phase out support for IE8 gradually, and we’ll make IE9 the minimum Internet Explorer for Small Improvements. This won’t happen in a big bang. We’re aware that many of our customers are in the middle of their review cycles, and we won’t slam the door shut on them just like that. Instead, we’re starting to ship new admin features that require IE9 now, and we’ll keep alternatives open for a few more months. Once we drop these alternatives, administrators and middle managers will have to use newer browsers, but end users can still work on IE8 for a limited time.

For example, we have been re-implementing several administration/middle-managers screens using new technology, and these new screens will not work in IE8 anymore. We’ll ship three of these new overview screens in January. We’ll keep the current (“old”) admin screens alive for another few months, so you can opt to not use the new improved screens for now. But this option will go away around April 2014.

End user screens are next. We’ll re-implement the messaging and the objectives screens in spring, and we’ll roll these out around June 2014. That’s the time when even your end users will need to have a more modern browser to access SI for messaging and objective-setting. We expect to have reimplemented most remaining end user features (reviews and 360s) by Septemer, and that’s when IE8 simply stops working entirely with SI.

So in summary, dropping IE8 won’t happen over night, but in case you still use IE8, now is the time to consider how to get your admins, then your managers, and then your end users to using modern and secure browsers. It’s not that hard really. Even if you’re stuck on Windows XP for now and cannot install IE9, there’s always Firefox and Chrome that work just fine on XP.