We’ll phase out support for Internet Explorer 9 in June 2015

Features & Updates Per Fragemann

After dealing with a couple of annoying bugs in IE9 recently, and having generally been slowed down by having to support the quirks of IE9,  we’ve decided it’s about time to drop support for this very old browser.

We won’t do this as a big bang right now of course, but starting in June 2015 we’ll not test SI on IE9 anymore and mark that browser as deprecated. End users will see warnings starting in May, and most likely SI won’t work at all with IE9 from August 2015 onwards.

Keep in mind that IE9 was released in March 2011, so it will be over 4 years old by the time we deprecate it, while modern browsers auto-update every 2 months. We simply can’t support IE9 anymore as also some tools we rely on are dropping IE9 support now.

Other major players like Google have stopped supporting IE9 in 2013 already, and even Microsoft will start cracking down on older browsers in January 2016. So we’re in good company. But please do let us know in case you have any major concerns – you can always reach us at support@small-improvements.com.