360 Feedback from anyone – introducing proactive 360s

Do you want to give people a chance to provide 360 feedback even if they were missed in the nomination phase? Or even want to leave it entirely up to people who they give feedback to, skipping the nomination & approval phases entirely?

Starting today, you can empower your team to provide feedback to any individual during a 360 Feedback Cycle with our entirely new feature: Proactive 360 Feedback.

Simply select the option to enable the feature during cycle creation. This allows others to provide proactive feedback to their colleagues, in addition to those the reviewee or their manager may have already nominated. Anyone in your organization will be able to give feedback to those receiving 360 Feedback during that cycle, without the need for nomination or approvals.

Screen Shot 2017-01-24 at 14.33.47.png

Your team will find a new optional task on their dashboard where they can select who they wish to provide feedback to whenever you enable this feature within a cycle:



Learn more about how to use this exciting new feature:

Using Proactive Feedback

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