A new Small Improvements experience is coming on May 28

We will launch a major update to our user interface soon. Starting May 28, Small Improvements will make great use of both your phone and your 27” screen, a new visual style will provide more guidance and encourage interaction, and the simplified design editor will enable cleaner branding. The new design also prepares the application for a new navigation concept which will enter beta-testing in June.  Keep reading for the details and to learn how to preview the new style right on a live system.

Responsive at last: Great results on any screen size

Small Improvements will work really well on any device, ranging from your 4k desktop monitor to your 4-inch smartphone. Our internal motto was “make it work in iPhone 5, make it awesome on iPhone 6” – and we’re very proud that we succeeded. You may track review completion stats on your phone, tick off Key Results on your phablet, and provide 360 feedback on your tablet.  And we make better use of available screen estate on your desktop computer too.

Visual refresh

In order to go fully responsive, we needed the menu to change. The sidebar lashes have served us well since 2012, but we needed something simpler that can collapse if too little space is available. The navigational lashes have therefore been dropped. The structure of the navigation it unchanged, however, navigating to content remains unchanged for now.

Content will now be clearly separated from navigation by putting it into cards. So a certain visual change was required. While at it, we cleaned up our button and menu styles, changed tabs to look more modern, got rid of the footer, and introduced a less dominant header: The header is now white by default with a signature color line underneath.


Leaner custom designs

Originally we shipped with a very powerful design editor that enabled those of you with access to a graphic design team to set up seamless branding. Unfortunately, the editor was too technical for many HR teams to quickly achieve the look they wanted, so we have streamlined it and made it a lot more intuitive to create a branding that looks great on all devices.

The new editor allows you to upload your main logo and to define your one “signature color”, which we’ll apply across all screens. In addition, you may upload a background image which will lie “under” the main screen and shine through subtly.

A video says it best:

If you’re an existing client, we’re picking the signature color and company logo from your current custom design, so it automatically reflects your brand.

Update: It’s live!

The change went live on Saturday, May 28 for all clients at once.

We’re very happy about the results, but we’d love to hear your feedback now! Please send us your thoughts to product@small-improvements.com!


Future steps: An improved navigation

The changes put us in a great position to keep improving the Small Improvements experience. As of June or July, we will offer a much improved overall navigation. The new navigation will be “opt in”, so you can test it and roll it out at your own schedule. If you’re curious about the new navigation, please let us know.

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