Manage your cycles in style: Faster access, slick timeline view

One of the most important HR tasks in Small Improvements is creating and managing cycles – whether for Performance Reviews, 360 degree Feedback, or Objectives.

Today we’re relaunching our cycle management screens to feature an improved look and feel, and to provide advanced interaction possibilities. We started with the name – calling the feature Cycle Management instead of Settings, since you’re able to manage all of your cycles here, not just the settings of a particular cycle. Here’s what the 360 cycle management screen looks like now:


More cycle information in one place

We’ve added more details to the Cycle Management screen, allowing you to check out the progress of managers and employees directly from the overview. Pie charts show the status of the reviews in a cycle, this allows you to compare cycles and gain insight into how things are progressing.

You may expand a details section to see the cycle’s description, who is able to manage the cycle, and a list of all enabled settings. The timeline is displayed here as well, so you can see the cycle in its proper context – hover over it to view upcoming due dates and explore the cycle’s timeline, or click on the cycle to view all relevant dates at once.


Get a better overview with Timelines

We always displayed the horizontal timeline component on a single cycle’s details page. Now you get an overview of all cycles at once from the Cycle Management screen too. You can move through the timelines of past, current, and upcoming cycles and see details by selecting any cycle.


The new Cycle Management screens launch today, and we’re always interested in fine-tuning Small Improvements to better suit your team’s needs. If you have thoughts on how to improve the new timeline display or cycle management in general, we’d love to hear your feedback! Drop us a mail to

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