Improved Dashboard: Faster transitions and better 360 reviewer management

We’re on a journey to making the Small Improvements dashboard more relevant and fun to use. Our first step was a technical rewrite, launched three weeks ago: The general user interface remained unchanged, but we’ve included the dashboard into our Single-Page-App architecture. This means that transitions between many screens are much faster than before. We now preload  data like “your objectives” in the background, so that switching from the dashboard to the objective browser becomes almost instant.

We’ve also improved the steps to nominate and approve reviewers in the 360 process significantly. Until today, the todo-items were listed on the dashboard, but when clicked they directed users to a dedicated todo-list on the “Your 360 overview” screen. This extra redirection has often confused SI users. So we’re now enabling nomination of reviewers and approval of reviewers right on the dashboard.

Here’s what you get once you expand the todo-item to “nominate reviewers”:

Screenshot from 2016-04-19 10-22-01

We are keeping the “todo tab” on the user’s 360 overview for now, so that emails that reference this tab will continue to work. From now on 360-related mails always direct users to the dashboard’s todo-items, and in June we’ll start phasing out the todo-list from the 360 page. The 360 page will then focus on the feebdack you have received and the feedback you have given – as was always the intention of the page to begin with.

Next steps

We’ve laid the groundwork for an improved dashboard, but the real changes are still to come. Next steps on our roadmap are a cleaner layout, a more efficient navigation in general, better hints about upcoming cycle dates, and enabling users to perform key activities much faster.

If you’re keen we can give you early access to some prototypes. We’d also love to learn what you believe should be in an improved dashboard. Just mail us at

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