Improved Feedback Participation Chart

Everyone loves charts, they provide great insights at a glance. They help us quickly transform information into knowledge. You should not need to think twice about a visualization to understand its information and purpose.

However, one of our charts marched to a different beat and was not clear to most of our customers – the Participation Chart in the 360 Feedbacks. We scheduled time for a little side project to revamp it!

See who’s been participating

Before we used to calculate the Participation Levels (High, Medium, Low, Very Low) based on the average states of all participants in each feedback. Several times it raised confusion among our customers to grasp the underlying logic. Now we’ve changed the Participation Chart to show the status of each individual participant. We think it improves the user experience a lot.


Who’s lagging behind?

The overhauled chart gives slackers no chance to play hide & seek anymore. The filtering in the Participation Chart enables you to catch ’em all followed by a kindly nudge.


Now the “By Reviewer” view is much more consistent with the chart, filtering, and reviewer states.

We hope that you agree with the improvements of the Participation Chart and that the information to knowledge transformation makes more sense to you now.

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