Status update: Improved referral tracking, signup, and 360 degree feedback

After the previous week’s many front-end facing improvements, we’ve mainly been working on back-office stuff and on bugfixes, so no breaking news today.

Referral tracking: For instance we’re now tracking signups a lot better than before. As you know you can get your own subdomain (e.g., and style it. If you’re a reseller, all you need to do is direct your leads to your subdomain, and if they sign up, they will automatically show up in your referral-list. Of course you can still let us know about your leads beforehand and we’ll add them to your list, but this is more convenient. (Naturally, your leads can later on use their own subdomain, or use the www URL, but this is rather convenient for signup-purposes, and is doesn’t even involve a tracking code).

While at it, we also simplified the signup process, so now you don’t have to click the “confirmation email link” right away, it’s fine to click it within the next 3 days. We lost some 10% of signups at this confirmation stage, so that definitely made sense to improve.

360 degree feedback: The “what you said” tab is now showing the feedback grouped by feedback request, which makes everything a lot nicer and tidier. At the bottom you will see the get the 2D feedback chart so nobody should have to look for that on the subsequent feedback page anymore.

Bugfixes and Minor improvements:

Under certain rare conditions, it could happen that a server error happens while you’re typing text, AND that the backup doesn’t work either. A fix has been developed and applied to performance reviews, and it will be rolled out to 360 feedback too. Objectives don’t have backups yet, but this is scheduled for this week

Added a neat Objectives Print button and tidied up the print view.

Some more IE bugfixes too.

Plans this week

We have plans to simplify the user interface. We will not be doing it in a single big bang, but incrementally. We’ll probably start by demoting the platforms (they have the most prominent menu, but they are the most rarely used feature), and by adding the top-level button-navigation to most end-user screens. Once complete, we may also be able to drop the “actions”-menu, simplifying the end-user experience a lot.
We’ll also add a similar admin-button-navigation to the admin screens, so that it becomes easier to navigate between admin screens. While the menu is useful to have for quick access, it’s not as intuitive as the propsed admin-navigation-header will be.

That aside, Linda has been demonstrating the product a lot last week, and we’ll apply what we’ve learned as well, e.g. making common actions easier to find (if people struggled initially to locate them). Bugfixing continues as well of course.

No feature plans for this week, except that we’re adding two new tabs to the BambooHR integration, and are getting ready to make some PR for the integration.

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