Improved Search Bar: Direct access to team members

Until today, managers could use the Team menu for quick access to their direct reports, while using the search bar to locate everyone else. Now, both functionalities are united into one common search with quick access to the User Directory.

As a manager, you’ll see your team immediately:

Screen Shot 2016-06-01 at 12.35.33

If you’re not a manager, you’ll also see your team members immediately (minus the links to their reviews and 360s, of course). Once you type, it behaves like a regular search again, except that we’re also ranking your immediate peers a bit higher than people who are “far away” from you:

Screen Shot 2016-06-01 at 12.37.15.png

While we were at it, we dropped the team member profile pictures from the dashboard. We’re on a mission to make the Dashboard more relevant – and part of the mission is to remove items that rarely change, so we’ll be able to use that space to promote news and updates better in the mid-term.

Dropping the team’s profile pictures was the first step, and improvements to the way we display cycles are coming soon. Please reach out to if you have feedback or are keen to get beta access to improved cycle display!

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