Improvements to 360 Degree Feedback

Summer 2017 has seen the overhaul of a core feature and a much-anticipated integration within Small Improvements. But we wanted to alert you to a few subtle tweaks we recently made to 360 Degree Feedback. They’re small yet significant (which is how we do things here.)

360 Feedback cycle questionnaire preview

We used to ask 360 Feedback reviewees to select their reviewers before they were able to see what questions would be asked. Now reviewees will be able to preview the questionnaire before picking their reviewers. The benefit is that users can then nominate co-workers who might be better equipped to answer those particular questions. Let’s say one 360 Feedback prompt is “How can I improve as a person?” Knowing that in advance, one could select a coworker with whom they have regular contact.  

A preview of the feedback questionnaire as part of the 360 Feedback tool

Aggregate emails

In the past, we didn’t want to spam your an email each time a 360 Degree Feedback from a coworker was posted (if feedback was set to be released immediately). So we didn’t email you at all, in order to avoid getting five emails for five feedbacks. Now we’ll aggregate the feedback into one nice and tidy email.

Managers cycle creation notice

If you set up the cycle so that managers were responsible for selecting reviewers for their reports, you weren’t able to send them an email to let them know it was time to do so. Now you can send this email when you set up a new 360 cycle.

The navigation warning that pops up should you try and navigate away from your unfinished feedback

Navigation warning

This is for those who write their 360 Feedback in small chunks, rather than all at once. If you click away to another navigation in Small Improvements, you’ll now receive a pop-up warning asking if you REALLY want to exit and lose your unsaved feedback.

Have any thoughts about our new functionality fixes? Got other thoughts about Small Improvements’ Performance Appraisal Software? We’d love to hear them. Get in touch by sending us an email to or leave us a comment below.

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