Improvements to Secondary Reviewer

The fluid nature of modern work environments means we sometimes find ourselves outside of traditional team structures, working in flat hierarchies or lending our skill sets to ad-hoc projects.

We have a host of features supporting feedback reviews from anyone to anyone, but the Performance Check-In is still generally between one employee and their direct manager. The secondary reviewer concept allows admins to add a second person to contribute to a manager review, thereby making it a more complete review. 

We’ve been wanting to improve our current secondary review feature for a while – in particular, to incorporate feedback from some of our customers. While a full overhaul is still planned, here’s what we’ve tweaked to enhance your experience:

  • We increased visibility for the administrator. Admins now have a clear overview of who within the organization is participating as secondary reviewers.
  • We increased visibility for the secondary reviewer. In the past, the secondary reviewer had to implicitly know that a review was happening, i.e., we didn’t notify them of their status. Now, the secondary reviewer receives both an action item and an email – at the start of a cycle as well as during (in the form of a nudge).
  • Notification for the manager. A hint at the top of the review screen will inform managers that a secondary reviewer is also participating.


As before, HR admins are capable of assigning their employees one secondary reviewer. This person can then add their feedback during a review cycle, but will not be able to sign off on the review or share it. This can only be done by the manager.

We wanted to relaunch this feature without making any dramatic changes within the software. So secondary reviewers need to add their notes in the same field as the manager and can differentiate themselves by tagging themselves within the form or by writing their initials next to their input.


View for Admins: Secondary Reviewers are listed on the right-hand side of Team Overview

While secondary reviewers will not have access to past performance reviews, they will see objectives and messages that the reviewee has shared with them in the resources panel, as well as any private notes or 360 feedback they’ve written about the reviewee.

Secondary reviewers can also make adjustments to the assessment graph, but the final signoff and share is limited to the manager.


Managers: Small Improvements will provide a hint that a Secondary Reviewer has been assigned.

If you are assigned as a secondary reviewer, you will be notified by email (starting from March 2) and receive a to-do item on your Small Improvements’ home page when a review is created for your secondary report.

Secondary Review is already available within Small Improvements and plenty of you have been using it in your performance review cycles. If you were unaware of this functionality and would like us to add it for you, please send us a mail to We have longer-term plans to make the feature a lot more flexible but would love to hear what exactly our main users would like to see.  

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