Small improvements we’ve made so far: Our mid-year product updates

This year has been flying by, and the Small Improvements team has been busy. Covering admin functionalities, feedback, performance reviews, 1:1 meetings, and more, these are the product updates and new features you won’t want to miss.

Here’s a rundown of the most important improvements we’ve made.


  • Using the new filters for Objectives (located in the Helpful Resources sidebar), you’ll quickly find open objectives for your  1:1 discussions, performance reviews, and more.
  • The Praise export now includes IDs, Department, Location, Type, and Team. You’ll have all the data needed to slice and dice.
  • If you’re integrated with BambooHR, you can now sync custom fields.


mandatory question settings in question settings


  • Automatically send “Get Started” nudges to help people stay on track.
  • More support for calibration
  • A hidden overall rating can be used in a standard or calibration cycle.

1:1 meetings

  • Set up automated meetings without an integration using the new Automation feature.
  • Get to what’s important by organizing your action items using a priority label.

Action items in 1:1 meetings

  • Employees can now share their meetings with a new manager all at once.
  • Export all your meeting data, including talking points, notes, and action items.

New Recipe: Upwards Manager Feedback

Performance management is typically a top-down feedback exercise, with managers giving feedback on their reports. A large portion of a manager’s job, however, is working closely with their employees – shouldn’t they also have an avenue to deliver feedback to their managers?

Try using our 360 Feedback feature to run an upwards manager feedback cycle.

Learn about Upwards Manager Feedback

What’s next?

  • Create an Automation workflow to send a Feedback Request based on employees’ hire dates. 
  • Customized automated email reminders based on engagement in your account.
  • SFTP integration support. If your HRIS also supports SFTP, you can set up an automatic import of your employee profile data. 
  • A new Home Dashboard for employees. Get a revamped overview of to-do items, open action items, objectives, and upcoming meetings. 
  • A refreshed dashboard view for 1:1 meetings with action items front and center.

Partnered Workshops

Check out our free partnered workshops with LifeLabs and Peoplism. Workshop topics include creating effective feedback habits, enabling performance, and hiring the best person for the job without bias. 

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