Mobile app in the making

Note: The Small Improvements iOS app has been discontinued in favor of making the entire application mobile-friendly. We’re keeping this post just for reference.

Every software service today needs a mobile app, right? But is it good enough to have an app just for the sake of having one?

The Background

We actually started working on a mobile version three years ago but decided to stop and focus solely on our core product first. Now we are ready to tackle mobile properly! We’ve written a new Small Improvements RESTful API which makes the transition to mobile easier, smoother, and sustainable for rapid co-development. iOS will be our first platform.

The Beta Version

The use-case we are focusing on for the beta version is: Capturing and referring to ongoing feedback on the go. Say a manager goes into a meeting with his direct report and wants to see what was last discussed, or someone attending an outstanding presentation quickly wants to post public praise or take a private note. To support this, the beta version will focus on the messages feature as well as a offer full overview of colleagues and direct reports. Performance reviews, objectives and todos are displayed for reference.

Mobile_app_visual_Messages Mobile_app_visual_taking_notes Mobile_app_visual_self_assessment

The functionality is a streamlined version of the web application so anyone who has used SI will be familiar with the set up. A new addition to the four feature tabs is the ‘people’ tab. In here, you can search for colleagues, access your direct reports’ profile pages quickly, as well as check your todos.

Mobile_app_visual_people Mobile_app_visual_Profile

The message feature is pretty much fully functioning with default posting categories, voting, and replying to messages. The reviews are currently limited to viewing only. We do not plan to support any of the administrative functions of SI in the mobile app.

Let us know your thoughts! There is no ETA yet, but if you have an iPhone and would like to take part in the beta testing, please get in touch. We want to make sure we deliver the right app that supports your most common needs.

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