Introducing: Gmail Integration

Email communication plays a big role in day-to-day work. So what better way to integrate feedback to your workflow than to bring it to where you spend your day?

That’s why we’re excited to introduce our new Gmail Integration, a big step in helping your organization foster a continuous feedback culture. You can now send praise, take notes, and request feedback all without leaving your inbox.

Boost engagement with greater visibility

Once Gmail users set up the Chrome extension, a Small Improvements icon will appear in the inbox header, providing a simple and direct access to their personal account.

A small widget will also be visible on the right-hand side of every email thread. This gives users the opportunity to praise someone, take a note or ask for feedback as they see fit.

Making Small Improvements visible in Gmail will encourage employees to use the features more often and also helps make feedback more continuous.  

Exploring the functionalities

Email conversations can tie into Small Improvements in several ways.

Let’s say an employee forwarded you a valuable candidate for an open position. Instead of replying with “thanks”, take your appreciation to the next level with Praise. The Small Improvements widget automatically prefills the recipient, so all you have to do is select a badge, write your message of appreciation, and voilà!

Here’s how praising from Gmail can look:

Maybe you collaborated on a project with remote colleagues and want some insight on how you did. The widget conveniently suggests members within an email chain as potential reviewers, allowing you to request feedback in an instant. So instead of writing an email to ask for feedback, you can easily kick off a feedback round from where collaborations happen.

If you read or write an email you want to remember for later, now you can jot down thoughts directly within Gmail. Then each private note is sent directly to Small improvements. You can also include a link to the original email for more context.

An example of a note taken in Gmail:

It will show up in Small Improvements like this:

This will not only be helpful in collecting talking points for 1:1s but also make it easier to revisit comments for your next feedback cycle.

At Small Improvements, we aim to make giving and receiving feedback as easy as possible. Our platform is integrated with BambooHR and other HRIS to keep everything in one central location, Slack and Hipchat to enable 2-way updates from where your employees exchange information, and a host of other products to better tie feedback into your workday.

With our new Gmail Chrome extension, every email prompting a “thanks” or comment can now be captured in the moment. We hope you take it for a spin! And as always, we’re happy to hear your feedback. Send a mail to to let us know if you find the extension useful and how we can make it even better.

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