New Objective Icons, Badges and some refreshing Colours

Over the last few months, the summer sunshine here in Berlin (Small Improvements HQ) has helped many exciting new product projects thrive and flourish. Last week we held our first “Ship-It Week” – aimed at innovation, creativity and with a focus on getting cool stuff done and released.

Today we’re proud to announce the release of the latest project: A new library of Objective Icons, Message Badges and some nice updates to the colours of charts and statuses.


Working hard during our “Ship It Week” – a fun week of getting creative but also focused on being able to release features to customers!


The big ideas board during Ship-It Week!

Objective Icons

We’re excited to give a fresh new look to the icons you have available when creating objectives. You still have all the same imagery, (including the popular Target icon, as well as our favourite – the Rocket ship!) – so your current and old objectives will still have the appropriate icons, just with a slight colour change. We’ve also made the icon picker a bit larger so you can get a better idea of each icon. Check them out below!


Message Badges

Similarly, we’ve freshened up the style of the badges you can add when sending praise – same imagery, brand new style. HR and administrators can always upload custom badges – and we’ve also added support for SVG files.


A fresh colour palette

We think these new icons look awesome – so we wanted to make sure the charts and statuses used within Small Improvements look just as awesome too! Part of our task with upgrading the icons included tweaking the colours used in overview screens and status indicators. It’s a subtle change… but a good one!


Let us know what you think. Any feedback or questions are more than welcome!

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