New profile popups: Faster access to staff details

When displaying a person’s name we used to include a direct link to the individual’s profile page. This was helpful, but clicking always meant that you’d leave your current page, or had to open the link in a new browser tab. Quite often you don’t want to leave your current page just to check someone’s department or location.

Today we’re launching a small improvement to address the issue.

Quick access to core data

When clicking a user’s name we now display the person’s core details immediately. Here’s an example of looking at Stan’s profile popup, without leaving his objectives screen:


At the bottom we’re providing the link to the full profile page.

Easy to take notes immediately

We’ve also included the ability to take a note about the person right into the popup, making it even easier to communicate with your colleagues. Did you forget to take a 1:1 meeting note, or wanted to praise someone for a job well done? No need to leave your current screen anymore. Just start typing and the feedback section expands, giving you visibility-options too:


Streamlined overview screens

Some of our screens were displaying user names as links, but did not link to their profiles. Clicking the user name triggered some very specific actions instead. We are making this more predictable and consistent. Take a look at the list of reviews below:


A click on the manager used to filter the list by that manager, while clicking the name of the reviewee used to take you straight to their review. Neither was obvious as the rest of the application behaves differently. From now on clicking the reviewee or manager name opens their profile popup. The filter-by-manager feature is now triggered by the new “funnel”-icon, and you get taken to the reviewee’s review page by clicking the review-icon that appears next to their name. You may continue to use the “eye”-icon to view the review inline as well of course.

The road ahead

The profile popup is just one small step in many towards better profile pages. We will be reworking our “real” user profile pages soon, and once we’ve done that, we may enrich the popups with more data too. Want to learn more about our plans for the full profile page? Let us know at, we’d love to chat about your needs and wishes.

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