Our redesign is complete!

The Small Improvements design was starting to look a bit dated, and in fact, the original structure didn’t support all our new features that well anymore. So during the past months, we’ve been working on a redesign, which is now ready for prime time! Here are some of the highlights:

Easy navigation on the left

The menus are now sorted by feature, so if you disable a feature the entire menu is gone. In the old design, you’d have ugly gaps on the dashboard, and the menus would get rather anemic. Much nicer now.

Also, the icons on the old dashboard were just a hack. We wanted to improve them, but somehow we never had any time. Now we had!

Dashboard redesign

To-do items on the dashboard
Our new todo-items always tell you exactly what your next steps are. This is especially useful for team managers! While managers always had access to the 360-degree review and performance review overview screens (and still have) there was no chronological component to it. Now it’s pretty clear what steps have to be taken in what order.

Quick access to cycles
We now display the review cycles and 360 cycles on the dashboard (if you’re an administrator) so that you can always see what’s in progress, and what the next deadline is. You can hover to see more details and get access to further actions like editing the timeline.

Team on the dashboard
As a manager, you can see your team on the dashboard. Hover any user’s profile icon for quick access to the most important details and activities.

Simpler and cleaner visual style

We have been busy defining a new style as well, moving to a more “flat” look, with plain buttons, with less rounded corners, and without gradients. We have unified all the margins, paddings, font sizes and colors, so that the application looks a lot more coherent now. The menu is always within reach, and so is the sidebar navigation.

Improved help system

We’re adding on-page help to each important page, so you don’t have to leave the page just to learn more about it. The help is cleverly embedded in the new menu. Just click the “help” icon to expand it.

A dedicated page for messages

We decided there needs to be a dedicated page for the messaging system. The 5 most recent messages still appear on the dashboard, but they are not as prominent anymore. If you don’t use the messages and turn the feature off, then there’s no huge gap in the center of the screen as there used to be.

And if you are using the messaging system, then a separate page and navigation item gives you better access.

Todo list and team list always in the menu

No matter on what screen you are, your todo-list and your team overview (if you’re a manager) is always accessible

Redesigned administration

The old administration screen was getting way too crowded. So we split everything up and created a neat overview.

Further improvements

We have also worked and shipped a great number of smaller fixes and improvements. The user profile page is more pretty, the objectives have changed, all the admin screens are cleaner, and the performance review screen looks a lot more stylish too. We still have some work left to do, and will continue to roll out improvements over the next couple of weeks, like we always do!

Try it today!

Unless you are in the middle of a review cycle, you should switch to the new design as soon as you can. You’ll get prompted when you log in, and you can always switch to the new design from the administration menu.

Administrators can try out the new design any time even without switching their companies. There is a little blue button in the top left corner of your screen that lets you conduct a quick trial.

We’re looking forward to your feedback!

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