Proudly announcing the launch of Small Improvements iOS mobile app!

Note: The Small Improvements iOS app has been discontinued in favor of making the entire application mobile-friendly. We’re keeping this post just for reference.

Want to praise a colleague while in a meeting, take a note on the train or double check progress of objectives on the way to a 1:1? Then you’ll love our new app! It’s been built especially with managers in mind to help capture ongoing feedback as well as access details on the go. Just go to the app store and download it.


Mobile_app_visual_profile_objThe mobile app follows the flow of the web application with tabs for messages, reviews, 360-degree feedback as well as objectives. The ‘people tab’ is a new addition to the mobile app. In ‘people’, you can search for colleagues, see your own profile and to do’s as well as access all details of your direct reports easily. Profile pages allow for a comprehensive overview and you can take notes about your colleagues or communicate right from there too.

Messages like praise, feedback and meeting notes are important ingredients of ongoing conversations. With the mobile app you now have a great overview, can like, reply and write new messages on the go. The 360-degree feedback, performance reviews, and objectives tabs are for your reference only for now. You can view your latest feedback and check the status of your objectives but not write your review or set up new goals a the moment. We feel that these actions are still rather done on a computer than on the phone.

 Mobile_app_visual_messages   Mobile_app_visual_360   Mobile_app_visual_reviews

Check out more details regarding the app, try it out and get in touch! We’re much looking forward to your feedback and thoughts. Happy ‘small-improving’ on the go 🙂

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