Refreshing Our 360 Degree Feedback Screens

Starting today, we’re launching improvements to the cycle creation screen and to the 360 degree feedback results screen. The majority of clients will be converted on Saturday, but we’ve started with select clients today. If you’d like to see your screens converted right now, just ping us at

Better display of 360 Degree feedback

We’ve cleaned up the 360 Degree Feedback results page, the responses are now shown in a much more readable two-column layout:


Improved 360 Degree Feedback form creation

More importantly, the  create-cycle screen has been overhauled too:

Independent Headers: Rather than providing an optional “header” text field next to each question, we’re now separating headings from questions. Whenever you want to add to a form, you get to choose between adding a header or an actual question.

Improved placeholders: Thanks to the new Rich Text Editor component, you can easily bold or italicize text in your questionnaire. In addition, it’s much easier now to work with placeholders. They are now clearly named and received a blue background, so the unwieldy curly brackets are a thing of the past. You can add placeholders via a menu or simply with autocomplete.

Live previews: Once added, each section presents an instant preview of what the form will look like. Each section is editable independently.

Reordering: The editor now allows the addition of headings and questions anywhere within the form, and we support reordering too.


Raised the limit of questions to 10

While we strongly feel that 360 Degree Feedback questionnaires should be short and concise, we have seen many examples where clients crammed 8 questions into the available 5 slots, making for a worse experience than if they had simply used 8 questions. So we’re increasing the limit to 10 questions (excluding headings).  At the same time, we added a hint when your form gets longer than 5 questions, prompting you to reconsider if every question is really needed.

A video says it best!

Cycle creation is a complex thing, so here’s a quick video to showcase the changes:

Next steps

In summary, it becomes a lot more convenient to create and maintain a 360 Degree Feedback cycle, and the 360 Degree Feedback is delivered in a more readable format.

But there are plenty more improvements in the 360 Degree Feedback pipeline that we’ll launch in the next couple of weeks. If you’re keen to get the inside story or participate in beta testing, please reach out to!

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