Spring cleaning 2017: 3 design improvements you’ll like

We’ve decided it’s time for a spring cleaning at Small Improvements. Gloves on, brushes out. But instead of tackling the growing pile of dishes in the kitchen, we’ve turned our attention to improving three design aspects of the SI software.

Improved “Your Reviews” overview

You might notice some changes to the page where your Performance Reviews are listed. Before, we tried to make some assumptions about where to direct you when you clicked “Your Reviews”  – if a review was in process, we’d send you to edit mode; if none was in progress, we’d send you to the archive.  But this didn’t work well for those who had two or three existing reviews, and the archive was not well-presented either.


Now, instead of guessing, we’re listing all your reviews in a concise overview, with specific Call To Actions. A review that’s in progress will be clearly labeled that way and have a large edit-button, the others will default to a view-button instead. Navigating to your previous review becomes much faster and easier this way, especially if a new one is in progress too.

Streamlined “Provide Feedback” form

We decided to rearrange the form on which 360-degree reviewers give feedback. We used to display meta-information about the 360 process above the form, letting the feedback provider know about who gets to see their feedback, and when.


This meta-information has been moved to the right-hand side of the screen. This way it’s just as visible as before, but the user can get started adding feedback without first having to scroll. The content is king again, while the meta-information is available when needed.

Clearer indications about deactivated features

In the past, we would “gray out” unavailable functionalities. Problem: we didn’t provide the user with a reason why this particular option was not available to them.


So we’ve introduced Tips to inform you why a functionality is not accessible. Let’s say you want to edit an out-of-cycle Objective (you can’t). Instead of disabling the edit-button entirely, we’ll now show a note in an overlay window that explains why you can’t edit anymore.

Have any thoughts on our new design changes? We’d love to hear them. Get in touch by sending us an email to product@small-improvements.com or leave us a comment below.

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