New Slack integration

We’re wrapping up the week with yet another great small improvement: we’ve added 2-way Slack integration to Small Improvements.

Why? Messaging apps like Slack and Hipchat have taken the enterprise by storm. Aside from enabling quick chats across rooms (or continents in our case) these apps also help tie in notifications from other business applications. Users then decide what topics or channels to follow and what to ignore.

Receive updates from SI into Slack

This release focuses on integrating the SI Messages and Objectives features with Slack. Once you enable the integration and designate a channel, your Slack users will receive instant notifications for all public SI messages and public objectives in that channel. Your Slack users will also receive direct notifications for any SI messages and objectives they were part of. In addition, managers will receive notifications for their direct report’s changes to objectives too.

Here’s what a public notification can look like:


Send praise from Slack

In addition, a new “slash-command” becomes available. Type “/praise” and Slack will help you create a public praise that will show up in Small Improvements. The preview shows you how to use the feature, then just keep typing until your praise is complete.

Screen Shot 2016-02-03 at 15.39.43

Send the Slack message, and it will show up both in the current Slack channel and in the SI praise platform, and of course also on the recipient’s SI profile page. Thanks to our recent “Multipraise”-feature you can also praise several people at the same time.

You can learn more about the details on our Slack documentation page.

Future work

We’ve polled our customer base, and there was a large need for HipChat integration as well. We’ll consider that for Q2. Until then, we want to cover a few more Slack use cases. For instance we want to  ensure all nudges a user receives in any module will also show up in Slack. We’ll also consider notifying admins of important changes to the system setup immediately, for instance when a scheduled import fails, or when a mail bounces.

Beyond that, we’re happy to listen to your feedback! Simply send a mail to and let us know what usecases you’d like to see covered!

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