Time to re-invent the workplace

Screen Shot 2013-09-03 at 10.09.25 PMImpact99 is an innovative Canadian HR summit that inspires leaders across the globe. This year, the focus is on ‘Re-inventing the workplace’ and I am very excited to attend once more.

What makes Impact99 special is that on top of theories and real life examples, you also get actionable and practical pointers to bring to your organization. Thanks to the dedication and passion of making a real impact, a strong community of attendees continue to the connect, share and inspire each other throughout the year.

The Impact99 crew has developed a ‘Reinvented workplace model’. A set of values and beliefs form core principles that in combination with a few needed competencies allow more organizational trust and agility, which is the basis for high performing cultures. The model is supported by a free e-book with definitions, practical advice and examples on each of the building blocks. What an awesome way to start the discussion early and prepare for a meaningful event.


Small Improvements couldn’t be more proud to sponsor and collaborate with Impact99. After all, many of our clients already live in a high performing culture and are at the forefront of reinventing the workplace. Some of them even create the tools to support authentic humanity, dynamic collaboration and operational transparency like Pinterest, Disqus and Atlassian.

With 70% of employees not engaged in their work, ‘digital natives’ changing expectation of a modern workplace and a general mistrust in organizations and leadership, it is time for change.

To learn about ‘trends in performance management’ check out our Google hangout chat. Or better still, come and join us live in Vancouver on October 2nd or Toronto on October 23th.

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