Track emails and bounces with our new mail log

We believe in great support, we are happy to help you whenever a problem occurs. But we also believe in great tools allowing you to quickly identify and resolve issues on your own. Our new mail log allows tech admins to quickly get an overview of undelivered emails, see exactly which emails were sent and to manage bounced email addresses. All of this on one page with just a few mouse clicks. If all emails were delivered the mail log might look like this:

All emails have been successfully delivered.

The status field for each email shows that it was successfully delivered. Unfortunately this is not always the case. Sometimes emails can get lost along the way.

When is the mail log useful?

Many things can go wrong when we try to send an email. For example there might be a typo in the email address, a server might be misconfigured or the email might just have ended up in a spam folder. With the mail log we want to make it easy for you to both monitor and diagnose undelivered emails. In the unfortunate case that all emails were not successfully delivered the mail log might look like this:

Mail log with errors

In the image above some emails were not successfully delivered. There is one email with status Bounce, which means that it was not delivered and we will not try to send more emails to that email address until you mark it as valid. One email has status Pending, which means that we have not yet sent the email, but will do so within a couple of minutes. We have tried to make it visually clear if not all emails have been delivered. You can easily get additional information by hovering the statuses. And you can get an overview of all bounced email addresses by clicking on the red warning box.

For more information, please see the documentation. You’ll find a link to the mail log in the Administration Overview.

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