Update or add your users with Drag-and-drop Import

We’ve always provided assistance with importing or updating your users via an Excel template, but we knew we could make this service better. It’s been our goal to remove your dependency on our Customer Success team and enable you to manage all of your users effortlessly, whenever you need to.

Now you have the power to import your users

Today we’re proud to announce our user-friendly, self-service Excel file upload located under Import Users within the Administration Overview. Simply drag-and-drop your completed Excel template from your desktop or folder to the new screen. You’ll get an instant preview of your data – If it looks fine, click the Import button and you’re done. If there are some warnings or errors, you can adjust the file and try again. No changes are made until you review and complete the import. Here’s a screenshot:


You can also fine-tune the import rules, and you get to see a detailed audit log for all the imports you (or your co-workers) have run. You’ll find the complete documentation on our website.

You may, of course, also upload a CSV file if it’s more convenient for you.

Automatic, Generic Imports

In addition to this, we’re starting to support “generic” imports from other systems. All you need is a website that will serve the current user list according to our CSV format. From here, you can tell Small Improvements to run the import automatically every hour, or once a day, or whenever you push the button manually.

The user interface is still under development, but you’re invited to join our beta group. Just send an email to support@small-improvements.com and we’ll help you get started!

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