Usability, Navigation, Signup improvements

This week (and the rest of the year) we’re busy improving the existing features of our performance review software.

Usability: We’re busy revisiting every screen and streamlining it for simplicity. As you know, we’ve been adding quite a few new features in the past couple of months, and each feature in itself is rather easy to grasp. However, as a new evaluator of the product, the amount of switches, levers and options is now a bit intimidating. Still easy when compared to heavy weight performance review systems, but not as simple as it could be. So we’re removing minor features, or simplifying them. For instance, if there is only one performance review cycle, there’s really no need to display the performance review picker. It’s now only shown when you have 2 or more review cycles. Easy.

Navigation improvements: We’re analysing what the most likely “next actions” on each screen could be, and including top-level navigations, and adding sidebars too. For instance, all the admin- and overview screens now have a top toolbar that lets and administrator jump to the other performance management overview screens easily.

Signup-improvements: New evaluators now get to pick what modules (performance reviews, continuous feedback, 360 degree feedback, goals and objectives they want to use in our review application, right during the registration phase.

On deck this week: Next up, we’ll look at reshuffling some of the global admin screens. For instance, a few performance review settings are currently located in the global settings – but they really should be in the review cycle settings screen. Also, we’ll revisit the main navigation icons on the top buttons, we’ll rework the sample data that a new evaluator gets to see, and continue with all the small items.

Got feedback? As you know, we’re always happy to take on board your feedback. Drop us a mail, and let us know what
we could be streamlining next to make your work day simpler.

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