We’re phasing out our iOS App

Summary: While we don’t have a mobile app anymore, our site is optimized to look great on all devices. You can add a bookmark to your home screen for an app-like experience. Happy praising, feedbacking, and note-taking on your mobile!

Our iOS app didn’t quite work out the way we had hoped. Adoption has been low, and maintenance work of the app’s backend meant other important features were delayed. We put the app into maintenance mode a few months ago, and we’ll now officially discontinue it on July 1st.

Some background

We had launched the app with the intention of making Small Improvements seamless on mobile. Work took longer than we had anticipated, but when we launched the 1.0 version we were content. We used the app internally and planned next steps beyond the initial manager use cases. However, too few customers actually installed and used it. We also realized that maintaining the backend for the application put more strain on the development team than we had anticipated. Still, we were hopeful for a while.

Then we learned that Apple is updating its entire development environment and we’d have to rewrite the app from scratch to remain competitive. In addition, other important use cases like real-time notifications and quick mobile praises are now covered by our Slack integration.

We decided to collect more data points before making a decision. Unfortunately, usage numbers didn’t improve. At the same time, however, our efforts in making the core web application mobile-friendly made rapid progress. That triggered our final decision.

The road ahead

Our mobile-friendly design launched on May 28 and we’ve been improving it since then. We’re internally now using Small Improvements in the phone browser (rather than the iOS app) and it provides full functionality instantly. True, a mobile-friendly web app will never be as smooth as a perfect native app, but we feel our current approach is delivering much more value at a fraction of the cost.

We’re sorry to disappoint our small but loyal iOS user base. We’d like you to consider using the web-based application instead and we’d love to hear if there are use cases that we don’t deliver on well enough yet. Thank you!

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