We’re replacing Gravatars with Initials Icons

Back in 2011, Small Improvements began supporting a service called Gravatar. The service allows users to upload a profile picture once on the Gravatar website, and then automatically assigns that image to all connected services. If a profile image was never uploaded, the service would then assign a unique random color pattern in its place for you.

Unfortunately Gravatar never really took off. So while a few Small Improvements users have an actual photo on Gravatar, many of those who never uploaded their actual photo just have a random color pattern.

As an alternative to Gravatars we’ve decided to use “colored initials” in their place. While at it we’re also phasing out our cute “monster avatars”. This change helps to identify users better, while still encouraging self-uploaded content.

Before the change


After the change



You will see this change go into effect on Monday, May 9th. No preparation is necessary, but you may want to take this chance to encourage employees to upload personalized profile pictures. If someone already uploaded an actual photo, nothing changes for them.

If you’re in the middle of something and really want to keep your Gravatars for another week or two, please contact us at support@small-improvements.com

And in case some of your staff got very attached to their monster icons, they can download the monsters zip file here 🙂

Next steps

As always, this is just one in many  steps to making Small Improvements better. A larger announcement is scheduled for later this week, so stay tuned!

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