Why Australia’s top 50 best places to work love Small Improvements


We are proud that 10% of the top 50 and even 20% of the top 10 companies are using Small Improvements! Being amongst the best places to work is a combination of many factors. What stands out though is the vision, dedication and delivery of keeping employees happy and engaged at work.

How Small Improvements contributes to success

We are extremely pleased to hear that we contribute to the success of our clients. “Small Improvements plays a significant part in keeping our people engaged so you should take some credit to have a few clients feature in the top 50!” praises Graham Moody, People and Culture Manager at ansarada. ansarada is quickly moving up the charts from 34th just 2 years ago to a top 20 placing at number 17 this year. “We are one team with a shared purpose. Everyone knows exactly what we are setting out to do, and the role they play in helping us get there.” says CEO and founder Sam Riley.

Atlassian strengths lie in the pride employees have for their products and company, the camaraderie amongst employees, and most importantly, in the high trust between employees and management,” said Zrinka Lovrencic, Managing Director at the Great Places To Work Institute, about this years No 2. Altassian is world renowned for their ‘open company, no bullshit’ value, outstanding recruitment practices as well as their ‘Ship It’ day and real time engagement in form of a mood app.

RedBalloon has made the top 50 in the last 5 years running! “The employee experience journey at RedBalloon is far from static – it has evolved and expanded every year since 2001. The leadership team are completely committed to the journey – knowing that it is not one single activity that ‘creates engagement’.” states founder Naomi Simson.

Quiksilver, despite tough economic times in the retail sector causing retrenchments, is amongst the best places to work for. “Our belief is that strong staff engagement and being close to our staff has certainly helped us meet these challenges,” Mick Fuller, Quiksilver’s HR director says. He continues “Communication is one of the key things we have concentrated on over the past two years”.

In the middle of performance reviews, Jonathan Baker the General Manager of Production and Services at Webqem says “Having Small Improvements definitely helps us with our people and no doubt contributes to our culture.” Webqem’ers enjoy free gym membership, a “community-like and sociable environment” as well as lots of team building events.

About ‘Best Places to Work 2013’

“This year’s Best Places to Work awards celebrate 50 top employers that go out of their way to keep their people happy and engaged in their work.” states Fiona Smith, columnist for BRW. And they don’t have to be large corporations spending millions of dollars on Human Resources. In fact, the average BRW 50 Best List company has 135 employees in Australia. As Zrinka Lovrencic, puts it “They [small companies] are less bureaucratic and hierarchical and less traditional”

The average top 50 company pays well and offers many perks, which is not a surprise given the high percentage of IT related businesses (40%). But what shines through is that the key to attracting, engaging and retaining good staff is offering interesting and challenging work, “customisation” of workplace arrangements from flexible timing to parental leave and open communications to build honest relationships.

Please continue to rock on.


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