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We've grown to almost 500 customers mainly by word-of-mouth. Awesome, but customer referrals alone will not help us reach 5000 customers. We won't build a traditional outbound sales team either — our low-touch approach to SAAS requires customers to find us and try the product out by themselves. So, help us explore creative ways to broaden our reach, so that more potential clients find their way to our product.

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Do you love coding on the front-end, and have had some exposure to traditional back-end frameworks as well? Then here's your chance to use AngularJS on a large scale project in a friendly and fast-paced environment.

We're moving our entire product from "classic" web-based to REST, and re-imagining the entire front-end. Our team consists of 2 very experienced and 4 mid-level AngularJS developers already, and we're looking for another very experienced AngularJS (m/f) developer to help us move even faster.

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Do you love coding and did you work at least five years full-time on challenging serverside projects? We need to talk! At Small Improvements you'll develop complex features in a friendly and fast-paced environment, you'll be in charge of our architecture, you'll mentor our more junior developers, and you'll gather feedback directly from some of our amazing clients too.

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Do you love clean and elegant web design? Are you able to transform your ideas into actual web sites and features? We're building a modern SAAS application that requires a slick website and extremely polished application features alike. Get in touch and show us your take on web- and application design.

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Do you love the shell, unix concepts, security and data privacy matters, and are you interested in a DevOps career? This could be your first step on a very exciting journey!

We're looking for a junior part-time DevOps engineer who will look after our systems and take them to the next level.

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We're expanding our team of awesome customer success agents, and this is your chance to join a efficient yet fun and friendly team of distributed customer success agents. You'll help our customers when they have questions, you'll demo our product to evaluators online, you'll provide feedback to our development team — and you can work in your pyjamas if you like to, at least part of the time! :)

While distributed work comes with its own set of challenges, lack of team-work is not one of them. We communicate a lot through our intranet wiki, you'll join our weekly international team calls, and we often conduct customer demos and webinars in pairs of two so we can complement each other.

The work is fun and engaging, but you need to be somewhat organized to avoid getting derailed all the time. It's fine to work part time if you like, so this is perfect for anyone who has worked in a demanding full-time role before, and now needs to tone things down for a while.

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Are you studying computer science or something similar, do you have a passion to develop great code (preferably Java and jQuery, but Ruby or Python is fine as well), do you have the product gene, and have you basically been coding stuff since you were in junior high? We can help you put your coding skills to practice.

No previous "official job experience" required, and we don't expect a polished CV either. But we do expect you to have an online portfolio of all the things you've developed by yourself, as a hobby and for uni.

If you have no website yet, now is the time to create it, so you can show off your CSS and HTML skills too.

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Programmierst Du seit mehreren Jahren als Hobby und kannst ein paar eigene Projekte vorweisen? Wir bieten fähigen Schülern/Schülerinnen und Studierenden Herausforderungen, die weit über den Informatik-Unterricht hinausgehen. Wir laden Dich ein bei uns ein Praktikum zu machen, und wenn alles klappt kannst Du darüber hinaus in den Ferien oder als Nebenjob bei uns mitarbeiten. Schulpraktika sollten mindestens zwei Wochen lang sein, Studenten- oder Absolventenpraktika eher in der Größenordnung 2-4 Monate.

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We offer between 1500€ and 2000€ referral commission for successful candidates, so do tell your friends! But, dear recruiters, we don't pay more than that, so please don't call us. We have never worked with outside recruiters, and probably never will. Thanks :)

Life at Small Improvements

We love what we do, and we also love to travel and learn new things. As an example, the entire company met in New York in October 2013 to celebrate success and brainstorm our new roadmap. But we also love the small things, meeting customers, decorating the office and attending local conferences and events. Check our video and slideshows for some impressions.

We're always looking for smart people

Join an enthusiastic team and work with us on a product customers love to use!

Some perks you'll enjoy when working at SI

Our greatest assets are a carefully selected team of passionate developers, and a really enjoyable work environment. And then there are some perks that might not be as obvious:

  • Work machine

    Our default work machine is a 13 inch MBP Retina with SSD, 16GB RAM and two screens. A comparable Windows or Linux machine is just as fine of course.

  • Education

    You'll get a €2k education budget and 3 paid days so you can attend conferences, buy books or take online courses. Training also "just happens" on the job of course.

  • Relocation

    We'll help with relocation by paying up to €1k of your expenses, covering for instance the movers or an AirBnb-Apartment while you're house hunting.

  • No overtime

    Although we're a startup, we don't believe in overtime. It's a strict 40h work week, and if you happen to log more hours, please take a day off the next week.

  • German course

    We'll cover 75% of the costs of an intense 4-week German course, for instance at the Goethe Institute, and it's ok that you'll not be able to work the full 8 hours during that time.

  • Trip to the US

    We love to travel, and if you're keen you may participate in our annual one-week trip to the US to visit customers and to meet the US team. Check out our 2013 trip video.

  • Teamwork

    We believe that coding is a team effort, so we prefer on-premises work. But it's fine to work from home one day a week on average.

  • Transparency

    Transparency is very dear to us. We publish our revenues once a quarter (see the latest one here), so you can imagine that our intranet is even more transparent.

Be involved in every part of the process

Compared with other players in the Berlin ecosystem, we're tiny. But since we're passionate and use some awesome tools, we're getting stuff done despite being small. And you'll be involved in every part of the process. You can plan, develop and deploy entire features from start to finish, including talking to beta clients, incorporating their feedback, and then writing the release notes when your creation goes live. It's still teamwork and you don't have to do it all on your own — but team sizes are rarely larger than 3.

So your voice will be heard when we make product- and design decisions. In fact, quite often you will be that voice! We love it when developers propose feature ideas and we typically work with very limited initial specs. There is plenty of space for your ideas, no product managers will give you the "definitive list of features" and ask you to implement them one by one.

We have some very demanding clients, so developing great features is not a walk in the park. Your work will probably go through multiple iterations before we launch it, and there will be plenty of discussions and prototypes before we're happy. But once a feature is launched, and demanding clients such as Pinterest or Quiksilver just love it, then the hard work has truly paid off, and no product manager will eat your lunch.

Work for amazing clients

Speaking of which: We work with some of the world's top companies. Here's a small selection of our clients: We work with their representatives on a daily basis, get feedback from their UI experts, and discuss technical details with their IT team. We demo our new features to their HR staff, and help them if they have any questions. Learn what they say about Small Improvements on our Customer testimonials page.

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