We’re hiring!

Friendly team

Passionate people will bring you up to speed in no time.

International Clients

We sell to dozens of countries and the feedback we get is really good.

And much more

Cozy office, no over-time, travel abroad, and amazing customers.

Open Positions

Not quite the right fit for you? Do refer a friend instead, we’re happy to pay a 3000€ referral bonus.

Or if you feel you could contribute in a way that’s not listed yet, send us a nice brief mail anyway. Explain why you might be a good fit, and we’ll be in touch.

Life at Small Improvements

We have one of the most amazing offices, we love what we do and blog about it, and we travel to learn new things. The entire company already met in New York, Austin, San Francisco, Canada and more recently Lisbon to celebrate success-stories and to brainstorm our roadmap. But we also love the small things, meeting customers, decorating the office and attending or sponsoring local conferences and events. Check our video and slideshows for some impressions.

We’re always looking for smart people

Join an enthusiastic team and work with us on a product customers love to use!

Some perks you’ll enjoy when working at SI

Work environment

Our Berlin office is as welcoming and cozy as an office can be. Team rooms with doors and plenty of shared space allow for focused work. Take the tour.

Diverse team

Our greatest perk is a carefully selected team of smart, welcoming, and very international people. To help you join us, we cover €1k of your relocation costs.

Work Machine

Our default work machine is a 13 inch MBP Retina with SSD, 16GB RAM and two screens. A comparable Windows or Linux machine is just as fine of course.


You’ll get a €2k education budget and 3 paid days so you can attend conferences, buy books or take online courses. Training also “just happens” on the job of course.

German Course (Berlin)

For those joining the Berlin HQ, we’ll cover 80% of the costs of an intense 12-week German course. You can take it all at once, or in segments. Up to you!

Trip to the US or EU

We love to travel, and you may join our annual one-week trip to the US to meet customers and the US team. Or to Berlin, if you’re in the US.

No Overtime

Although we’re a startup, we don’t believe in overtime. It’s a strict 40h work week, and if you happen to log more hours, please take a day off the next week.


Transparency is very dear to us. We publish our revenues once a quarter (see the latest one here), so you can imagine that our intranet is even more transparent.

Ethical Company

We turn down dodgy clients, we use Greenpeace Energy to power our office and GLS Bank for our savings, and we’re donating 2% of revenues to charity.

Be involved in every part of the process

Compared with other players in the Berlin ecosystem, we’re tiny. But since we’re able to focus and use the best tools efficiently, we’re getting stuff done despite being small. And you’ll be involved in every part of the process. You can plan, develop and deploy entire features from start to finish, including talking to beta clients, incorporating their feedback, and then writing the release notes when your creation goes live. It’s still teamwork and you don’t have to do it all on your own — but team sizes are rarely larger than 3.

So your voice will be heard when we make product- and design decisions. In fact, quite often you will be that voice! We encourage every employee to propose feature ideas.

We have some very demanding clients, so developing and supporting great features is not a walk in the park. Your work will probably go through multiple iterations before we launch it, and there will be plenty of discussions and prototypes before we’re happy. But once a feature is launched, and demanding clients such as Reddit and Soundcloud just love it, then the hard work has truly paid off, and your name will be on it!

Work for amazing clients

Speaking of which: We work with some of the world’s top companies. We work with their representatives on a daily basis, get feedback from their UI experts, and discuss technical details with their IT team. We demo our new features to their HR staff, and help them if they have any questions. Learn what they say about Small Improvements on our Customer testimonials page.

News from our blogs

Refined 1:1 Meetings and Objectives

Product Maresch Bär

Want to foster a culture of ongoing feedback? Check out what’s new in our 1:1 Meetings feature. We’ve also tweaked our Obectives feature to give you a better goal-setting experience.

Not convinced yet?

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