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We’re sorry, but this position has been filled. We’re keeping the document around in order to show this note.

Our product Small Improvements helps companies like Marley Spoon, GetYourGuide, SoundCloud, DISQUS and Twitch communicate better. We’ve signed up 700 clients in 34 countries mainly via word-of-mouth. Now is the time to get serious about our marketing efforts. We’ve built a marketing team of 3 but want to keep growing — can you help us get to the next level?

Who we are

We’re a team of 28 people in Berlin and San Francisco and looking to grow. Our product is a performance feedback & management platform. Our clients’ staff use it to give and receive feedback about their work, to set goals and objectives and to praise each other for a job well done, and we use it internally all the time as well.

Most of our customers have heard about us by word of mouth. That was a great starting point, but we’re getting a bit more serious now: We’re creating content and campaigns, we tweet, we host webinars and generate leads, we’re experimenting with paid ads, and so on. But there’s so much more we could do. This is your chance to make a significant impact and to shape our marketing strategy.

What you’ll do

The following tasks are central to the role:

  • Own the website: Create engaging new landing pages, co-write whitepapers and usecases, update feature pages, manage video content, collect and summarise customer success stories, work with designers to ensure your content looks great too, and much more.
  • Take our blog further: Write or procure in-depth articles that are helpful to clients and drive new visitors, coordinate guest blog-posts, collaborate with thought-leaders, mentor our.. uhm.. less-creative staff to write better, and plan ahead to create a truly inspiring and helpful resource.
  • Own our SEO efforts: Ensure any content we write is well-balanced, make sure we’re linked in relevant places, update existing content, watch and surpass the competition for key search terms

Once the bases are covered, there’s plenty more to do if you’re keen: Dive into paid ads, lend a hand when we organise our own meet-ups and conferences, help with our newsletter, contribute to our social media campaigns, work with our partner network, or get involved in our print marketing materials.

We’re a small and agile team, so you can create your own role over time!

Who we’re looking for

We’re one of the few international B2B successes in Berlin, and we need people who just “get” B2B.

  • English is either your native language or you’re really close.
  • You have worked in a B2B setting before. While e-Commerce and Consumer products are great too, a decent understanding of B2B is crucial since it influences so much.
  • You can write on complex topics. You enjoy researching advanced topics, you can write about them in a vivid and conversational style, and the internet is full of proof.
  • You love seeing results. You come up with new ideas, you’re efficient, independent, resourceful and get things done.
  • You have at least 2 years of full-time experience at hands-on content marketing.
  • You’ve worked at small companies. You bring a “David not Goliath” attitude, and don’t need a lot of direction.
  • Ideally, you have some extra skills. Beyond content experience, you have some extra skills like for instance in SEO, Analytics, PR, Social Media Marketing, Adwords, Campaign Design, Event Marketing, or the like. We offer a diverse work environment, and you’re happy to not just do one thing day in day out.

Additionally you’ll need to enjoy learning more about people operations (“HR”), feedback culture, modern workplaces, and what truly motivates people. You can’t excel at the role without understanding our industry. Prior experience is a huge plus, eagerness to learn is a prerequisite.

We’re serious about our open and tolerant company culture, and we value diversity. We’re looking for friendly and bright people who can develop a great product without developing a huge ego.

More reasons to work at SI

  • We’re international: We sell mainly to the US and to Australia, and all our written communication is in English.
  • We’re self-funded, transparent and profitable, and our customer base is growing.
  • We frequently ship new features and focus on quality product rather than on aggressive sales.
  • There are very few regular meetings, and processes are kept to a bare minimum. Need to improve some process? Just do it!
  • You’ll participate in our Hackathons and ShipIt weeks, and you’ll contribute to our product blog and to our tech blog.
  • Our office near Hackescher Markt is stylish yet cozy, and it has has plenty of doors to reduce distractions to a minimum. Take an office tour.
  • There are free snacks, fresh fruit, juices, tea and lemonades, you can make your own lattes with our amazing coffee machine, and we never run out of Club Mate.

And we love to travel! Check out our recent company trip to Canada:

Apply Now!

Don’t waste time polishing your CV, your LinkedIn profile will be entirely sufficient. A personal cover letter on the other hand is very important to us, and so is attention to detail. We’d like to know what specifically attracts you to the role, and how you will contribute. Please include several links to content you wrote and published. No need to write a novel, brief and casual is definitely preferred. Please send your application to