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Our product Small Improvements helps employees at Marley Spoon, GetYourGuide, SoundCloud, DISQUS and Twitch give and receive feedback about their work so they can improve and achieve their goals. We’ve signed up 750 clients in 35 countries mainly by word-of-mouth and we’re growing.

Want to make work a better place? Then help us expand our customer base while educating and inspiring HR and people leaders around the world. We’re self-funded and have grown with very limited marketing and sales efforts so far. Imagine the possibilities with you on board!

Who we are

We’re a passionate team of 30+ people working in our head office in Berlin and remotely around the world to support 750+ customers in 35 countries. We’re working to transform traditional performance management with our software, which helps employees to give and receive meaningful feedback, structure 1:1 meetings, set goals, and praise each other for a job well done.

We’ve got a strong product and development team in place, and our customer team is second to none. We’re now building out our marketing team, which has grown to 4 people in the past year. We’re covering the basics well: we’ve focused on content and relationship marketing so far, and we’ve organized high-quality events around the globe. But there is so much more we want to do!

What you’ll do

We’re looking for someone who excels in demand generation and can raise awareness of Small Improvements. You will design, execute, and optimize marketing campaigns that bring in new leads and engage existing customers. To do this, you’ll need to collaborate with other members of the team to align on strategy and ensure that all messages are in sync.

Here are some of the areas that we’d like you to tackle:

  • Increase our social media presence. Identify the best social channels for our target market and design our social media strategy. Work with other members of the team to transform our content into little nuggets of social media gold. Manage our profiles and organic posts for all of the channels you’ve prioritized, and optimize these pieces based on tracking of key success measures. Engage with followers to create a productive dialogue and build relationships that strengthen our sense of community and broaden our reach.
  • Develop and execute online and offline events that bring in new leads and engage customers, such as webinars, workshops, trade show presence, and more. Work cross-functionally to create a clearly defined events strategy that could include everything from webinars and small on-site workshops to exhibition booths at large conferences. Use best practices to increase registrations and attendance, and experiment with innovative ways to deliver content and engage participants.
  • Design and implement a successful paid ad strategy. Look at what we’ve done so far and what we’d like to achieve, and then come up with a paid ad plan that will help us meet our goals. Manage campaigns for channels like paid search and paid social. Optimize for lead quality and lower acquisition costs by A/B testing elements like design, copy, keywords, bidding, and targeting. Once the bases are covered, there’s plenty more to do if you’re keen: help us develop our partner network, write for our blog, set up marketing automation for lead nurturing, or produce videos to help our customers get the most out of our tool. We’re a small and agile team, so you can create your own role over time!

Who we’re looking for

We’re looking for a friendly and bright person who can develop great communications without developing a huge ego. You don’t have to tick all the boxes, but we’re looking for someone who embodies most of the following:

  • You love seeing data and know what to do with it. You instinctively look for data to gauge the success of your efforts, and you know how to quickly compile and analyze marketing performance data to guide decision-making.
  • You want to learn more about the future of work, feedback culture, people operations (“HR”), and what truly motivates people. You can’t excel in the role without understanding our industry. Prior experience is a huge plus, eagerness to learn is a prerequisite.
  • You write concisely and well, and English is either your native language or you’re pretty close. Most of what we do has a written ingredient, so you’ll need to be able to tell good from great, point out problems, and suggest improvements. Ideally you can send us some work samples (hint hint).
  • You’ve worked at a small company before and and are eager to get your hands dirty. You don’t need a lot direction and know how to keep things moving even when there is ambiguity or incomplete information. You also take the initiative to “be the change you seek” when you see something you don’t like, which is one of our favorite company values.
  • You have at least a couple of years of relevant work experience. Bonus points for hands-on experience in performance or event marketing (or both!).
  • Ideally, you have some extra skills. Beyond performance or event marketing, you have some extra skills in other areas of marketing like analytics, SEO, content marketing, product marketing, or sales enablement. We offer a diverse work environment, and you’re happy to not just do one thing day in and day out.

More reasons to work at SI

  • We’re international: We sell mainly to the US and to Australia, and all our written communication is in English.
  • We’re self-funded — our only “investors” are customers and our base is growing!
  • We balance life at work with life outside of work, and we don’t believe in overtime. We have a 40 hour work week, and if you happen to log more hours, please take a day off next week. Oh, and if you want to work from home one day a week or a few weeks a year, that’s fine, too.
  • We’re serious about our open and tolerant company culture, and we believe diversity makes our culture and our product better.
  • We want to do well by doing good, so we turn down dodgy clients and donate 2% of our profits to charity.
  • Our office near Hackescher Markt is stylish yet cozy, and it has has plenty of doors to reduce distractions to a minimum. Take an office tour.
  • There are free snacks, fresh fruit, juices, tea and lemonades, you can make your own lattes with our amazing coffee machine, and we never run out of Club Mate.

And we love to travel! Check out our last company trip:

Apply Now!

Don’t waste time polishing your CV, your LinkedIn profile will be entirely sufficient. A personal cover letter on the other hand is very important to us, and so is attention to detail. We’d like to know what specifically attracts you to the role, and how you will contribute. Please also tell us about one or two challenging projects you’ve worked on and how they might relate to our work. No need to write a novel, brief and casual is definitely preferred. You can send us your application here. Looking forward to hearing from you!