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This position has been filled!

Thanks for your interest, but we’ve finally been able to fill this position.

Our product Small Improvements helps companies like Pinterest, SoundCloud, DISQUS and Twitch communicate better. We’ve signed up 700 clients in 34 countries mainly via word-of-mouth. Now is the time to get serious about our marketing efforts — can you help us get to the next level?

Who we are

We’re a team of 20 people on 3 continents and looking to grow. Our product is a feedback platform. Our clients’ staff use it to give and receive feedback about their work, to set goals and objectives and to praise each other for a job well done. (We use it internally too of course.)

Most of our customers hear about us by word of mouth. That’s a great starting point, but we could achieve so much more. This is your chance to make a significant impact and to shape our marketing strategy.

What you’ll do

The following tasks are crucial for the role:

  • Own feature releases: Get involved at the feature planning stage, and help us build and launch features that customers will love.
  • Create marketing sizzle: Ensure that larger features get the splash they deserve, set up dedicated landing-pages and get the word out.
  • Own the newsletter: Plan it, gather input, write it, send it — and also help product management scheduling features so there’s always something newsworthy happening.
  • Manage the website: Create and manage content for our site, this includes feature descriptions, videos, whitepapers, product documentation, customer stories and much more.
  • Help with the blog: Team up with our director of Marketing and with smart external bloggers to create a truly inspiring and helpful resource.

Once you’re firmly established, you can then pick your own set of additional challenges: Competitor analysis, analyst outreach and briefings, event planning, conference attendence, social marketing, and basic PR are all underserved at SI. Create your own role once the bases are covered!

Who we’re looking for

You have at least 4 years of full-time experience at hands-on tech product marketing. Also:

  • You write well and vividly: English is either your native language or you’ve lived in an English-speaking country for many years and your grammar is top notch
  • You have launched plenty of features or entire products, and the internet is full of proof
  • You’re methodic and plan ahead: You’re fine to seize opportunities, but ultimately you have a long-term mindset
  • You’re analytical: You enjoy working with Google Analytics, Excel, Tableau or comparable tools
  • You’ved worked at small companies and bring a “David not Goliath” attitude
  • You don’t need anyone to tell you what to do: You’re efficient, independent, resourceful and get things done.

Additionally you’ll need a strong desire to learn more about people operations (“HR”), feedback culture, modern workplaces, and what truly motivates people. You can’t excel at the role without understanding our industry. Prior experience is a huge plus, eagerness to learn is a prerequisite.

We’re serious about our open and tolerant company culture, and we value diversity. We’re looking for friendly and bright people who can develop a great product without developing a huge ego.

More reasons to work at SI

  • We’re international: We sell mainly to the US and to Australia, and all our written communication is in English.
  • We’re self-funded, transparent and profitable, and our customer base is growing.
  • We frequently ship new features and focus on quality product rather than on aggressive sales.
  • There are very few regular meetings, and processes are kept to a bare minimum. Need to improve some process? Just do it!
  • You’ll participate in our Hackathons and ShipIt weeks, and you’ll contribute to our product blog and to our tech blog.
  • Our office near Hackescher Markt is stylish yet cozy, and it has has plenty of doors to reduce distractions to a minimum. Take an office tour.
  • There are free snacks, fresh fruit, juices, tea and lemonades, you can make your own lattes with our amazing coffee machine, and we never run out of Club Mate.

And we love to travel! Check out our recent company trip to San Francisco:

Apply Now!

Don’t waste time polishing your CV, your LinkedIn profile will be entirely sufficient. A personal cover letter on the other hand is very important to us, and so is attention to detail. We’d like to know what specifically attracts you to the role, and how you will contribute. Please include several links to content you wrote and published. No need to write a novel, short and casual is definitely preferred. Please send your application to