The SI Design Team

Who we are

The Design team at Small Improvements is made of a central team of 3 designers and 4 UI designer-developers embedded in the development sub-teams.

We meet frequently to share and discuss our work, collaborate and learn from each other, and ensure the SI user experience is well thought-out, consistent, and tested.

Sebastian Herrmann

Sebastian loves to build flexible and well-documented components and contribute to the accessibility of Small Improvements. While he’s primarily a developer, he still enjoys every opportunity to collaborate with the “real” designers and dabble with Sketch from time to time.     

Paulo Catumba

Paulo studied design at a Fine Arts faculty in Porto, but his passion is about making things useful first, and good-looking second. Call it UI/UX, graphic design or web design, the target user is always the top priority. He currently dedicates his time on the product, marketing materials, and all things in between — ensuring overall visual brand consistency.

Gabriel Lovato

After several years as a graphic designer, Gabriel made the jump to UI design, later adding to that a nice dose of UX and research. Whatever the medium or the product he is working on, Gabriel believes what we create must put some good in the world and make peoples lives better and easier.

Kolja Lange

Kolja lives and breathes front-end, and he formed the backbone of our “Responsive Riders” subteam that transitioned Small Improvements to mobile. He’s also passionate about front-end build processes and our LESS architecture.

Charisse De Torres

Charisse comes from a graphic design background who has found her way to front-end development by building her own website from scratch. She primarily works on improving the UI.


How we work


At the start of every feature project, a cross-functional team is formed and a designer is assigned for the feature. This designer will collaborate with Product, Sales, Support, Marketing, and Development to define and scope the project from all angles. Tasks include analysing and interpreting the project brief, investigating the user needs, leading the design exploration, creating mocks and prototypes, coordinating feedback rounds, and working with developers on the final implementation.

Every designer is also free and encouraged to work proactively and autonomously on continuous UX & UI improvements, following our company value of Be the change you seek.


Our current tool set includes all of the digital design household names: ideation workshops, white-boarding, collaboration sessions, Sketch, InVision, Framer, and Principle. We believe our strength lies in our combined skills and ideas, so we’re always open to new methods, skills and tools – it’s what keeps us flexible and always improving.

Design Research and Validation

We ideate, prototype, and create for our customers, who we believe are the most important critics of our work. We regularly run our ideas past them to ensure we’re on the right track — whether over a 15-minute conversation about the idea or an hour long prototype testing session.

We work closely with our Customer Team to identify usage patterns and the most common issues, then we run user research to validate that our solution ideas are what customers expect. Our research toolkit includes in-depth interviews, usability testing, web analytics, ideation workshops, and regular conversations with our Business Intelligence expert.


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