Our Berlin office

We moved to our new office in 2015, and it’s just awesome! Lots of team rooms, shared space and meeting rooms in various sizes. We then added a bit more paint, polish, and furniture, and think the results speak for themselves. Let’s take you on a small tour!

The Tea Kitchen

This is where our coffee machine is located – directly opposite the entrance. Make your own espresso or latte (or tea) before heading into the office.

The Red Saloon

The previous tenants had turned this room into a bar, so we kept the speak-easy style. Now Per and our Ops team get to enjoy it.

Grey room

Turn to the right and you enter our “industrial” room. This informally used to be the CEO office, but it’s now hosting our Marketing team.

Green Room

This is the home of Team Green. It’s also our brightest and largest room. Since it’s so spacious we frequently place applicants here on their two trial days.

Techno Room

This room connects the two original units that compose our office. The inhabitants, Team Techno, ensure that every passer-by gets their daily dose of electronic music.

Living room

Here’s where we relax, read a book, or just hang out. We hold our weekly Dev Exchange meeting and our monthly All-Hands meetings in the living room too.

Meeting Room

We avoid dull meetings, but we do enjoy the intense kind of meetings a lot.

Thanks to the TV this is also where most Hangouts with the San Francisco team take place.

1:1 Room

Weekly 1:1 meetings between team lead and team member are crucial to address concerns early on. In addition, this room doubles as pair programming cubicle.


While the espresso machine is in the Tea Kitchen, the “real” kitchen is where we occasionally cook or have breakfast together, or just sit down for a chat.

Product & Design

At the very end of the office (or in our yard on a sunny day) you’ll find our Product and Design teams.

Demo Booth

Our storage room doubles as Demo Booth and emergency exit. It’s tiny but offers some of the best views.

Need a map?

Feeling lost? Here’s a map of the office! We walked in through door 2.1 – can you tell where each team is located?

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