“It allows us to give regular feedback and recognition, but doesn’t compromise in ease of use.”

We love Small Improvements because the system works with us, instead of for us.

Before we adopted the tool, everyone was doing their own thing. We had a 1:1 template but not everyone was using it, or using it in the same way. We looked at different systems, tested them and Small Improvements was the one. Every other tool was either too clunky, enterprise, or simply just not us. Small Improvements was the only product in line with what we wanted – something that’s fun, flexible, and works the way we need it to work. It allows us to give regular feedback and recognition, but doesn’t compromise in ease of use.

Small Improvements has changed the way we work at RealSelf. The system allows us to create a performance management schedule for the year and break steps up into different time frames. Everything is in one place and visible to everyone, so people know when things like goal-setting, performance reviews, and 1:1s are happening. When we started using the tool, our CEO was onboard, but he didn’t fully understand what Small Improvements was doing for the organization until he did his own reviews. He had an “ah-ha” moment and even tweeted about it!

To us, it’s important for performance management to be consistent and fair across the organization. Without a system to support you, there is no way to ensure everyone will participate in the feedback process and be treated equally. We use performance to make decisions around pay and promotions, and the tool allows us to make these decisions in the most fair and balanced way.

Small Improvements really has the full package. You have everything in one place, it’s easy to use and incredibly flexible. It also integrates with many of our existing tools, so it feels like it’s just a part of something we already use. I would highly recommend Small Improvements to any company that cares about regular communication and recognition. It can also be great for companies that have never had performance management, because the system rolls out so nicely. The Small Improvements team provide great customer service and always get back to us super quickly. They come out with new features regularly and it doesn’t feel like our feedback goes into a void, it feels like we’re considered. And to top it all off, top management likes it too!


Director of
Employee Experience


170 employees

Seattle, Washington