“It looks great, doesn’t feel corporate, and works like we want it to.”

In 2017, Zapier experienced rapid growth – increasing from 40 to 100 employees over the year. On top of this, our team is 100% distributed. You can imagine the challenges we faced with performance management. We were using Google Docs to manage performance reviews and 1:1 meetings, but realized we needed a more flexible tool to keep everything in one place. I had worked with Small Improvements in a previous company. It looks great, doesn’t feel corporate, and works like we want it to. So for us, choosing the platform was a no-brainer.

Small Improvements supports our remote working culture because it’s accessible from anywhere, intuitive to use, and easily adaptable to what we need. Set up required just a few days and our employees quickly grasped the platform. Managers also found it easy to organize feedback and reviews. We do 1:1s and reviews through video chat and document everything inside Small Improvements. Before, it was difficult to keep everything consistent. With Small Improvements, it’s easy for us to conduct performance management processes in the same way – even when we’re all remote!

We feel it’s a perfect tool for medium-sized, non-traditional companies like Zapier. I would definitely recommend Small Improvements as a performance management software!

Jenny Bloom

Chief Financial Officer


127 employees

100% remote with employees in 13 different countries