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Performance management has always been a burden for us. Our team members work on many short-lived and dynamic projects and so reviewing their small wins becomes hard at the end of the year or quarter. It’s those small wins that all add up and what we wanted to capture. We reviewed numerous solutions, we needed to find the best fit for our company that would be easy to use and make the process quick and allow us to capture the right elements of feedback at the right time.

Small Improvements was the right choice for us because they offered the most practical overall package and it fits in to our needs and environment nicely. When using Small Improvements our employees are able to document feedback immediately and progressively using the relevant platforms and all these are automatically linked to the performance review page making the official review time a much easier process for everyone.

It’s hosted, easy to use, and affordable. We are really enjoying this product!

Robert Castaneda


IT Services

100 employees

Sydney & SF