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One of our goals here at Small Improvements is to help managers become better managers. In an effort to do so, we’re setting out to learn from our customers and peers. Through conversations, panel sessions, and questionnaires, we’re learning and crafting guidance materials to share our findings.

San Francisco

Pinterest, Reddit, and Disqus

Start with Caring: HR Experts Share Powerful Manager Tips Our panel session in San Francisco brought together HR leaders from Bay Area innovators such as Reddit, Pinterest and Disqus to share what they’ve done in their organizations to help managers grow. Read on for some of the key takeaways from this panel session!

New York

Grovo, Soundcloud, Lifelabs Learning and Recruiting Inferno

Nobody said managing and leading a team would be easy. In fact, being a good manager is one of the most difficult responsibilities a person can take on. According to Gallup, only about one in 10 people have the talent required to manage. But, why is it so hard? To find out what it takes to be a great manager, we sat down with 5 experts from New York.


Penguin Random House UK, OpenTable UK and Salmon

We sat down with Neil Morrison from Penguin Random House, John Catterfeld from OpenTable and Jess Critchlow from Salmon and discussed how HR can help managers become better managers.


Envato, Melbourne IT, Kelly Kazaris

In this installation of our series, we discussed four key topics including setting up the right feedback processes and making sure your remote workers are thriving despite logistical challenges. Panelists were: Kelly Kazaris, Consultant and Coach James Law – formerly HR Director at Envato Melissa Moore, General Manager for People & Culture at Melbourne IT.


Buildium, Ovuline, WeSpire, and Hive Tech HR

We hosted our very first panel session at Maxwell Health in Boston. Topics included making One-on-One meetings non-negotiable (and helping with setting an agenda), putting philosophy above tools, and accepting that not everyone is a leader.


SoundCloud, Marley Spoon, and TAM

In Berlin we sat down with Jennifer Beecher – Learning & Development at SoundCloud Cindy Rubbens – Head of Culture & People Operations at Marley Spoon Lorenz Illing – Partner and Trainer at TAM Trainer Akademie


Ansarada, Domain, Navitas

The topics of our Sydney panel focused on placing an emphasis on emotional intelligence, inspiring leadership, and empathy.

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