Helpful Resources Sidebar

Run better, more informed 1:1 meetings

Get context for your 1:1s

Having the right information on hand is key to successful 1:1 Meetings in Small Improvements. When managers and their direct reports are on top of recent feedback and achievements, they can address the right topics and have meaningful conversations.

With the Helpful Resources sidebar, information relevant to your 1:1s is always at your fingertips.

Focus on what matters

To show the information that’s most relevant to you right now, you can filter by the type of activity (Objectives, Praise, 360s, Reviews, and Messages) and period (e.g., last week or last year).

You can also access each participant’s profile info with one click to see their role, email, direct reports, etc.

Help and guidance where you need it most

We’ve written several articles to help you effectively use the 1:1 Meetings module and have great conversations.

All essential articles are in the sidebar, so you don’t have to comb through our blog and Help Center anymore.

There’s much more to come

The Helpful Resources sidebar is still in its infancy, so for now it’s only available in 1:1 Meetings.

We’re curious to learn how our customers are using the sidebar. Based on your feedback, we will optimize the feature and roll it out to other modules, such as Reviews, in future releases.