Keep your user base in sync

Onboard your team in minutes

Small Improvements offers deep integration with BambooHR,
allowing you to set up your organization with ease.

No need to download Excel or CSV files. You can import your employee database directly into Small Improvements.



Sync data automatically

Employee information such as name, job title, department, and report structure syncs automatically with your Small Improvements account.

Our BambooHR integration streamlines your administrative process, so you can quickly get started with better performance feedback.

Manage your team from one place

No more worrying about making manager updates or adding new hires. As your organization grows, changes in employee data are parsed and applied to Small Improvements continuously.

HR administrators can also view every employee’s Small Improvements reviews and objectives within BambooHR, making it easy to manage your entire team from one place.


Ready to get started?

Learn how you can set up the integration for your organization.

Make sure to check out our complete lineup of features, including 1:1 Meetings, 360 Reviews, Objectives, Performance Reviews, and more. All built to help your employees grow and succeed.