Gmail Integration

Bring feedback to your day-to-day workflow.

Encourage Ongoing Feedback

Our new Gmail Chrome Extension makes it easier to integrate feedback to your work day routine - allowing your organization to better foster a continuous feedback culture.

With Small Improvements easily accessible from Gmail, you can now send praise, take private notes and begin a feedback request right from your inbox.

This way, every “thanks” or comment is captured in the moment. And every email prompting an additional note can be jotted down immediately to ensure you don’t forget.

Send Praise

Did someone connect you to a valuable lead via email? Maybe a teammate sent you resources that helped you wrap up a project faster?

Instead of sending a “thank you” response, take your appreciation to the next level by praising colleagues without leaving your inbox.

Take Private Notes

Write thoughts down within Gmail and send directly to Small Improvements. With each private note, you can also include a link to the original email for more context.

Not only will this be helpful in collecting talking points for 1:1s, but also make it easier to revisit notes for your next feedback cycle.

Request Feedback

Our Gmail Chrome Extension makes it easier to kick off a feedback round from where your conversations happen.

Just finished a project? Request feedback from everyone involved directly from your email thread.

Want to see it in action?

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