Performance Check In

Tired of routine, uninspired Performance Check Ins?
Small Improvements has the solution!

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Our easy-to-use software promotes ongoing feedback and engaged objective-setting all year long, ensuring no hiccups when it comes time for an official review.


Performance Check Ins with Small Improvements are a snap.
Employees simply need to produce a quick assessment, indicate their performance on a 2D graph, and then provide answers to questions from HR.

Over time you can weave this information into our other features to help employees remain engaged and reach their goals.

Managers Love It

Because Small Improvements captures assessment from both sides in one form, there’s no added hassle for managers to contribute to a Performance Check In.

Admins can ping managers through reminder emails. In addition, reviews that are still pending show up as to-do items in the manager’s home screen. There are also shortcuts for sharing, signing, and completing reviews.

Comprehensive Overview

Small Improvements strives to make Performance Check Ins a hassle-free experience.

Our intuitive software allows for both big-picture and granular views of a review’s status, making it possible to review both team trends and with individual ratings. Plus, every export option you can think of.

A Nuanced Assessment

Instead of a rating scale, Small Improvements offers a unique evaluation chart.

Both employee and manager can place dots on the customizable x/y axes to gauge performance. It’s a more comprehensive way to give feedback – and for managers to spot trends.

Make It Yours

Personalize it, configure it, make it work for your needs.

Small Improvements allows you to configure the settings of your Performance Check In process from top to bottom, so you and your employees get the most out of their feedback.

A Video Tour

Convinced yet? If not, check out a two minute video to learn more about what Small Improvements has to offer.

Ready to get started?

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