Performance Reviews

In the past, Performance Reviews have been regarded as a time consuming headache.
Not with Small Improvements!

Performance Review Header

Learn how Small Improvements makes the official review process incredibly smooth.

Easy for Employees

Performance Reviews in Small Improvements are as easy as 1, 2, 3.
Employees need only to provide a quick assessment, mark their performance on a simple chart, and answer a few open-ended questions.

This information seamlessly integrates with our other features and can be used to help employees become more engaged and reach milestones.

Todo-list for performance review tasks

Effortless for Managers

Small Improvements records manager assessment in the same form as the employee, so contributing a review is a breeze.

Admins can send reminder emails, while outstanding reviews show up as to-do items in the manager home page. Plus, handy shortcuts save time for sharing, signing, and completing the review process.

“For organizations who want to get away from boring reviews and establish an ongoing learning and feedback culture, Small Improvements is the perfect tool!”

Floor Havermans

People Grow Manager at Travix

Overview and Reporting

Small Improvements takes the guesswork out of the performance review process.

Our powerful tools give you both macro and micro overviews of reviews’ status, letting you see company-wide trends as well as individual ratings. Extract more data and analyze feedback with our diverse export options.

Unique 2D Chart

Our one-of-a-kind chart provides an alternative to the traditional overall rating scale.

Reviewee and manager place their assessment dots along the customizable x/y axes. This offers a more nuanced way to evaluate performance, and also gives admins a better way to analyze trends.

"We're impressed with how easy it is to set up and roll out a Performance Review, as well as make changes on the fly. Small Improvements gives managers a clear overview of what’s happening within their team."

Kim Broadbeck

VP of People & Talent at Strava

"My favorite feature is the 2-D graph. It facilitates a great conversation, helps set clear expectations, and identifies alignment gaps between a manager and their team member."

Graham Moody

People & Culture Manager at Ansarada

Completely Customizable

Your feedback process should be as distinctive as your company culture.

Personalize everything from your questionnaire to your rating system to which managers can contribute to reviews. You can configure the settings in Small Improvements to work for you.

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