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We at Small Improvements believe better feedback is crucial to building a happier, more engaged workplace. This eBook will provide you with a roadmap to explore your workplace relationships and craft a "human-friendly" work experience.

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We all know feedback is good for us. But often performance management processes are not set up to be human-friendly.
We’ve teamed up with employee engagement expert Jason Lauritsen on how to improve feedback processes to foster healthy relationships.

Video Tutorials: Helping Managers Become Better Managers

London: Penguin Random House UK, OpenTable UK & Salmon

With Neil Morrison, John Catterfeld, and Jess Critchlow, moderated by Linda Jonas

Boston: Buildium, Ovuline, WeSpire, and Hive Tech HR

With Jeremy Ames, Molly Howard, John Carmichael, and Jane Jaxon, moderated by Linda Jonas

New York: SoundCloud, Grovo, LifeLabs Learning, & Recruiting Inferno

With Joris Luijke, Steve Levy, Neil Wilks, and Tania Luna, moderated by Linda Jonas

San Francisco: Pinterest, Reddit, and Disqus

With Micaela McDonald, Kim Rohrer, Bob Lehto and Katelin Holloway, moderated by Linda Jonas

Berlin: SoundCloud, Marley Spoon, & TAM

With Jennifer Beecher, Cindy Rubbens, and Lorenz Illing, moderated by Linda Jonas

Feedback Culture

5 Ways Teams Benefit from Peer Recognition

Learn about the advantages of inviting the team to building a culture of appreciation across the organization.

How To Give (And Receive) More Thoughtful Feedback

Why do we sometimes wince when a colleague offers up a friendly bit of constructive feedback? 5 tips from our team.

The Importance of Early Feedback for New Employees

Why early feedback supports new hire success, and how to best implement an efficient and scalable process.

Employee Engagement

9 Tips for Creating a Remote Working Culture

To find out what makes for a successful and productive remote working experience, we talked with multiple Small Improvements employees who do it full-time.

How Disqus Hacked Their Way To Better 1:1 Meetings

Disqus’ HR department has established a series of resources for its managers to hold better 1:1 meetings, including a cheat sheet that has a reputation of its own within the HR community in Silicon Valley.

Managing Your Career Without Managing People

We owe it to our team members to provide an alternative to the promotion-based career ladder, and to recognize and reward those individuals who excel at what they do.

Our Favorite Links

Radical Candor – The Surprising Secret to Being a Good Boss

Care personally, challenge directly. Kim Scott explains how focusing on guidance is the most important thing you can do as a manager.

Drive: The surprising truth about what motivates us

This animated video illustrates the hidden truths behind what really motivates us at home and in the workplace.

Atlassian's Big Experiment with Performance Reviews

Joris Luijke, VP Talent & Culture at Atlassian, provides an open review of the company's performance review model.

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