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Bring achievements and feedback together to see the big picture.

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Our software for ongoing performance management helps make performance appraisals easier and impactful.

Reflect on achievements and feedback

Reflection is hard! Make it easier by providing quick access to a team member's objectives, achievements, peer feedback, and 1:1 meeting notes. It's all there in in our Performance Reviews.

All this information can be accessed without leaving the assessment form. Managers can also look back to the early part of the review period to reduce the effect of recency bias in appraisals.

Help managers and employees stay aligned

Our one-of-a-kind assessment graph provides an alternative to the traditional overall rating scale. Managers and reports each place a dot according to the customizable x axis and y axis.

View both dots together on the graph to uncover differences in expectations and perception. In fact, managers often find that comparing the dots is a good way to frame the appraisal conversation.

Create formal appraisals or informal check-ins

Customize everything from your questions to the email reminders with our flexible Performance Reviews.

Want to hide self-assessments until managers have written their appraisals? No problem! You can configure the settings to support your processes.

Guide reflection and discussion

Help employees get more out of their appraisals by giving them guidance on what to include. You can add your custom content to the Guides & Help section of the Helpful Resources sidebar.

We're happy to share our tips as well - you'll find them below your custom content in the sidebar.

Reduce your administrative load

See at a glance who has completed their appraisals and who hasn't even started them yet. You can also nudge managers to complete their appraisals directly from this dashboard.

Interested in analyzing overall ratings or manager/report alignment? View it in the dashboard or use one of our many export options to extract it.

Want to see it in action?

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