Performance Appraisal Software

In the past, Performance Appraisal Software has been seen as a clunky, unfriendly tool.
Not Small Improvements!

Performance Review Header

Our unique software encourages ongoing feedback and goal-setting, so the official review process is fast, intuitive, and impactful.

No-Fuss Feedback

Performance Appraisals in Small Improvements are easy and efficient. Employees simply leave a review, mark their output on a 2-D chart, and respond to a few questions.

This information feeds into Small Improvements’ other features, giving a comprehensive overview of workplace performance.

One-Stop Assessments

It’s no trouble to create a review in Small Improvements — manager and employee assessment is in the same form.

One-click shortcuts help the review process proceed smoothly. Plus admins can send reminder emails, while unfinished reviews show up as outstanding items in the home page.

Comprehensive Reporting

Small Improvements takes the headache out of performance appraisal software.

You can pull reports, review the data, ans look at both macro and micro overviews of the status of reviews. Analyzing feedback has never been more simple.

Nuanced 2-D Chart

Our distinct chart is a new take on the traditional rating evaluation.

Employee and reviewer place their performance dots along the customizable x/y axes. This provides a different way to evaluate someone’s work, and also gives admins a nuanced way to analyze trends.

Make It Yours

Your appraisal process should be like your workplace — unlike any other.

Adjust everything from your questionnaire to your rating system to which employees can contribute to reviews. You can make the settings in Small Improvements to work for your needs.

Watch and Learn

If you’re interested in learning more, our two-minute overview will take you on a tour of Small Improvements.

Ready to get started?

You can either sign up for a demo account of our performance management software right away. Or visit our webinar page for a 30 minute recorded webinar, or book a demo with our team.