Atlassian chooses Small Improvements for human capital management

Small Improvements at Atlassian

Atlassian HR
Joris Luijke
VP of Human Resources, Sydney
Sarah Nguyen
HR Manager, Sydney

In the past our performance reviews model did exactly the opposite to what we wanted to accomplish. Instead of an inspiring discussion about how to enhance people's performance, they caused disruptions, anxiety and de-motivated team members and managers. When we transformed our performance review we knew it wouldn't be able to be delivered with a 'traditional performance review software'.

Small Improvements supported our totally revamped performance review process. It allowed us to implement a lightweight process that includes continuous feedback, coaching, and the ability to provide honest feedback without traditional performance ratings.

This new approach to performance reviews recently won the HCI Human Capital M-Prize, and this is just the beginning! Small Improvements is an awesomely innovative approach to performance reviews!"

Joris Luijke Atlassian, Sydney

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Graduate induction program. Coding away on a beach must be the best way to start your new job, ever!

Atlassian company values. Ever wanted to know what "Don't f*$# the customer" means?

about atlassian

Atlassian is a software powerhouse, serving more than 17.000 customers worldwide with their intranet solution Confluence, project tracking tool JIRA, and software development tools like BitBucket and FishEye.

Atlassian moved from SuccessFactors to Small Improvements in January 2011, and has been conducting performance reviews and gathering 360 degree feedback twice a year each each.

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